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The Truth About Click Thru Marketing
Copyright 2002 - by ClickMaster Pro

Did you know that I can show you a place to promote
your service or product where only pre-qualified serious
internet marketers are?

A place where people have proven they are ready, willing,
and able to invest money in your quality products and
services. And what if you could also make an additional
income at the same time you are promoting to these
marketing professionals?

Would you jump at the chance? Ask for a pen and say
'where do I sign?'? Sounds like a no brainer, wouldn't
you say?

The truth is, you do have that choice available to you.
The choice is offered to you through the system of
click thru marketing.

The concept of click thru marketing is very simple.
There are sites on the Internet called click thru
websites. People join these click thru websites
and become part of what I like to call a click thru

Each member of this community is able to generate
traffic to their own websites simply by visiting other
websites in the community.

Many click thru programs have great downline plans.
You recruit members that join under you, and when
they do their click thrus, you receive a percentage of
their credits, which is more traffic for your business,
all 100% free!. I like to call that "residual traffic".

The majority of the click thru programs on the internet
today are free to join. At first glance this appears to be
a great way to promote your service or product to a
large number of prospective customers. However,
there is one inherent problem.

These free programs primarily attract the freebie seeker.
By definition, that's someone who is only interested in
generating page views for their own website. The level of
commitment in the free programs is not consistent. They
are full of people who try one thing one day and something
else the next.

On the other hand, there are paid click thru programs,
or pro traffic exchanges. These programs attract the
serious internet marketer... the marketing professional.

You know that these people are not only interested in
promoting their own business but are serious about
seeing what other members have to offer as well!

How do you know?

Because every member has paid to be part of the
program! This also tells you that they are willing to
invest in a good opportunity when they see it.

Are free exchanges useless then? Definitely not! The
free exchanges will always have their place on the
Internet. You will find the serious marketers using the
free programs too, but they will be mixed in together
with your freebie seekers. So, your conversion rates
will be lower, or in other words, you will make less

Look at it this way...

Let's say you had two barrels of apples. In one barrel
you had one hundred juicy, ripe, red apples. In the other
barrel you also had one hundred juicy, ripe, red apples.
But in the second barrel you also had 900 nasty worm
infested rotten apples.

Would you rather pick through the barrel with the one
hundred good apples, or would you pick through all the
nasty rotten apples to find the good ones?

Or look at it this way...

Let's say you want to build an opt-in list of Internet
marketers and your choices of where to advertise are
free or paid exchanges. Where would you advertise?
The paid of course, because you would know that
*every* name and email address you collected had
paid to join that program. That means they are valuable
pre-qualified buyers.

I don't know about you, but I want valuable pre-qualified
buyers on my mailing list. :o)

The truth is...

In a free exchange, you might have a list of some paying
members, but you will never know for sure.

So, what should be your first choice when promoting
with a click thru program? You're already clicking for
credits, so why not put those credits to the best possible
use by targeting the marketing professionals?

Take your chances on a wormy apple, or bite into
a crispy delicious one. Sounds like a no brainer,
wouldn't you say?

                                 * * * * * * * * * *

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