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What Exactly Is A Safelist?
Copyright 2002 - by Dan Moses

Safelists are lists comprised of people who have given
permission to have ads sent to them.

There are two basic types: Free and Paid. Many of the Paid
lists have a "free" option. The free option is great to start out
with. This will allow you to get a really good handle on how
these safelists work.

Now there are some limitations to a free account. For example,
most free accounts will only allow you to send out ads to
members once a week, or to only a select few of the entire

By upgrading to the list's Paid option, you would be allowed
to send ads once a day.

It is a good idea to join as many paid lists as you can afford.
Those you cannot afford, join with the free option until you
can afford to upgrade.

How to get started:

Most lists have a set format for signing up and will include
the following:

1) You Join
2) You get confirmation of joining in your email
3) You activate your account
4) Follow instructions and mail to the list members

It is a good idea to follow the instructions closely and even
print out any pertinent information.

TIP: When signing up for these safelists, try to use the same
Username and Password. It makes it much easier to remember,
and much harder to forget. I recommend using 7 digit Usernames
and Passwords.

Also, you'll want to keep track of your Usernames and Passwords.
The best way is to copy and paste them into Notepad or a
Wordpad document for easy access later.

Many paid lists give you an affiliate option and you can advertise
the list with a URL that is coded with your ID and you get credits
for referrals, or even cash.

In most cases, two referrals will give you enough commission to
cover the cost of a paid safelists.

Now there are only a few safelists that offer credits for referring
members, but they have really put some thought into improving
the overall results of the safelists.

Here are two you can try out.


AdTactics Premium Safelist

You see, the way these work is they allow you to receive credits
for reading ads. This is very smart, because most people don't
read these ads. If you want to keep sending ads then you are
going to need credits. You get credits by reading ads and
referring new members.

Keep in mind that you will receive emails from other members. So,
most likely you will receive more email than you ever have before.
You must look at your email account often and manage it so it
does not fill up. If your mailbox fills up and you cannot receive any
more mail, emails from the list "bounce" back to the list's owner
and you may be removed.

You are going to want to have a separate email account set up just
to receive all the email. You can set up a free email account at
Yahoo or elsewhere to have the safelist email sent to. Most lists let
you enter a contact email (your main) and a subscribe email
(separate account). The contact email is where the list owner can
contact you.

The subscribe email is where you want safelist email sent to.

You will also help yourself greatly if you create folders for each list
to keep your account information in.

Now I am going to reveal to you a special technique that I use to
filter all of this email. Keep in mind that this is insider information
you don't want everyone to know about.

If you use Outlook Express, you are going to enjoy these next few
paragraphs. I'm sure you can do this with many different free email
accounts as well, but for this illustration I am going to explain it by
using Outlook Express.

On your tool bar you should notice the "Tool" link... click it and
find "Message Rules". From there click on "Mail" and you should
see a new window open. Click "New" on the right, then check the
box that says, "Where the From line contains people" (rule 1).
Next, check the box that says "Delete it" (rule 2). From here you
want to click on the blue link that says "contains people". Now
copy and paste the exact text that shows up in the "From" field
when you receive an email from one of your safelists.

Once you have it set up that way, emails matching the from field
will automacticly be sent to your "Deleted Items". In other words
you don't even see them. However, you can go to the delete folder
and still scan them to see if anything interests you.

This technique not only works for safelists, but also for those
annoying spammers you can't seem to get rid of.

So the real question is, do safelists get good results?

Through my experience I would have to say no they don't, but
you will see results if you get into a routine and stick with it.

There is also a quality selection of safelists at:

Just log in if you are already signed up, and head over to the
"safelist panel".

                                 * * * * * * * * * *

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