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How A Pebble Can Effect Your Business
Copyright 2005 - by Dan Moses

When David asked me if I wanted to contribute to The Nettle Magazine, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I'm very honored and excited to be apart of this wonderful new newsletter.

Naturally, I also recognized that by agreeing to write for The Nettle I would be casting a huge pebble into the pond.

What... a pebble Dan?! lol... Let me explain...

I realized that being a part of this ezine will greatly effect my business on a level that can't be measured (meaning I don't know what level of effect this will have on my business) until it happens. Remember, everything we do has an effect (good or bad) on our business.

Let's take a second and think about dropping a pebble into a pond. What happens?

When you drop that pebble, you have no real idea how far that ripple will go. At least, that is, until you drop it and see what happens.

Of course, the larger the pebble the larger the ripple effect. Right? Now, think of each pebble (big or small) as part of your Internet marketing structure.

*Traffic                 *Residual traffic      *Autoresponders

*Email Marketing  *Products you sell   *Rotators

*Leads                  *Affiliates               *Tracking

*Follow-up           *Commissions         *Education

*Prospects            *Support               *Multiple sources of residual income

*Clients                 *Downline               *Etc.

All of these pebbles (big or small) are part of your online business and when you master each aspect of your marketing structure the effects will be immeasurable. And the best part... your bank balance will grow!

Now here's the killer. This is the one thing that will put a stop to all your online success. Do you know what I'm getting at?

So many people do this... they never drop the pebble!

The pebble represents action toward bettering their business and they don't act. They aren't willing to put in the work it takes to make their business a success. So, get out there and find those pebbles. You must find them, learn all you can about them and drop them into the pond.

There's a fun analogy for you. I hope you liked it.

One thing you'll learn right away about me is that I'm a DOER and I teach and share from experience. In other words, I'm not going to share with you a way to make $50,000 a month if I, myself, haven't first accomplished it. I walk the walk and talk the talk. And when it comes to generating traffic... I got that one figured out. :o)

So, what can I do for The Nettle and how can I add value to it? I believe experience and know-how play a huge role in what I can offer on Internet marketing as a whole. It's the specialized knowledge in my area of expertise of creating, owning, marketing, and administrating paid traffic exchanges that I'm so passionate about.

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