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Using Your Email To Advertise
Copyright © 2001 - Dan Moses

Today we will be covering these categories.

  1. Email Tips
  2. Email Signature File
  3. Designing a Signature file
  4. Two-Way Emedia
  5. Autoresponders

1. First, letís discuss some email tips...

Most important... I canít stress this enough, you must Never Ever Spam!!

You will die a horrible cyber-death. People will shut you down!

Formatting Your Email

Itís absolutely critical that you format your email to 65 characters or less. Keep the length of each line in your email message to 65 characters. Most email newsletters (or any email for that matter) should only be that wide. You see, everyone uses a different email program, and thatís why sometimes youíll receive emails that are messed up like this:

This is a dead giveaway that you
donít know what you are doing. This is a dead giveaway that you
know what you are doing.
This is a
dead give away that you donít know what you are doing.

So the secret is to make your messages 65 characters or less and use a hard return. Make sure you hit the ĎEnterí key when you get to 65 characters.

Also try to keep your paragraphs to 6 lines and under when writing. It makes it very eye appealing and easier to read. Bottom line, some people would leave if it didnít look easy to read, and what good is advertising if they donít read the sales copy.

You can use a simple text program, which guarantees correct length in each line. This is something simple, but it could make a big difference.

Letís talk about...

2. Email Signature File

What is a signature file?

A signature file is a short info-sales-message that appears at the end of your email.

I hope you have already set up your signature file. If not, you will want to design one right away. You will want it to contain your website advertising message and attach it to the end of every email you send. It costs you nothing and it's an easy, effective way to repeat your message to those people you are in contact with. Especially your best potential and repeat customers!

Signature files are not only profitable in your one-to-one emails. They are also especially valuable when you post to two-way online media, which we will be discussing soon.

So, what is the best way to...

3. Design a signature file

A great signature file will serve as a powerful, instructive "P.S." that will Ďdriveí traffic to your website. You can create a strong sense of urgency, reinforce your #1 benefit, or make a special offer when using a P.S. in a direct sales letter.

The secret is you want to use your signature file and P.S. in the same way. You should be able to create an overall professional feel for your file.

Your signature file should include...

  • A divider line - you want a divider line at the top to separate it from the main body of your email.

  • Your companyís name or productís name

  • Specific product(s) - you are going to want to create a signature file for each product(s) and rotate different files for each.

  • Your Unique Selling Proposition - you can use your USP to create a compelling reason for targeted prospects to visit your website.

  • A great headline - use your USP as your secret weapon, it should be a sharp & compelling headline, or use a first-rate quote from a well-known person (that will give you a nice impression).

  • An offer - try to entice them to visit your website. You can offer a free ebook or free subscription to your ezine by visiting the site.

  • The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your website. A good example:

  • Your telephone/fax numbers, and your email address or autoresponder.
You donít want to cram too much into your signature file. It will look way to crowded. You might want to design a variety of signature files for each of your...
  • products

  • kind of customers

  • and general use - personal or business
Make your signature file left justified... 6 lines max... no more than 65 characters per line. Do not use ALL CAPS and donít use to many exclamation points!!!!!

And most importantlyÖ

Test... Test... Test... & then

Improve... Improve... Improve...

This is one I use...

>Free Click Thru Club
A Powerful Viral Marketing Tool designed to generate long-term
residual traffic! If you're as serious about marketing and
promotion as we are, join the FCTC team today!
>Web site ==> voice:541-504-9017 fax:501-421-9405

Where is a good place to use a signature file?

You guessed it...

4. Two-Way Emedia

Two-Way Emedia... (Unmoderated Mailing Lists, Newsgroups, & Forums)

This form of advertising is made up of groups of people (most likely members) who post and reply to different comments about a particular topic. If you are patient and smart about it you might learn a lot by reading the messages people post. You will have to sort out the good from the bad though. There normally is a lot of Spam because most are not regulated. Now if the group is strict with a Spam policy, there tends to be more flame wars.

Flaming is when you receive a lot of... well, letís say lacking of business educated emails.

Most of the forums and newsgroups are unmoderated. If you want your post to get seen by everyone, then you will want to post to an unmoderated list or newsgroup or forum.

All of the posts will be seen because there is no particular moderator to filter the submissions. Now think for a moment... If you can post anything, so can everyone else. No one will seem to pay any attention to your message!

If you can find a group that is serious, it will have strict rules in place. You will have to be careful when posting to these. If they smell anything commercial then you will be most likely flamed or banned.

It takes a long time to build up a relationship with a group like this, to the point where you can pitch them gently, but if you know what you are talking about people will respect you and do business with you. You donít really want to fool people...

Do You?

You are going to have to get/stay heavily involved and work hard to have any chance of even a small response.

The secret is to offer valuable content frequently while gently selling to those groups that fit with your target market. You will then develop credibility, and hopefully customers.

If you can get away with some gentle sales copy that is supported by good content, then you can finish your posting by offering something free and tell them how to get it. Keep in mind this is where your signature file really needs to do a great job.

Offer your readers help or tell them about something that would benefit them. This website advertising method will be of some value if you find a highly targeted group that can afford your product.

Donít forget you can use autoreponders in your signature file when you post, to increase your efforts.

5. Autoresponders

What are autoresponders?

Email autoresponders work similar to a fax-on-demand system. That's where you call from your fax machine and dial a certain code and then youíll get back a document in your fax machine. Well, autoresponders work the same, but instead of using your fax you use your email. All you have to do is send an email to an autoresponder address and youíll get back a prewritten message.

Now, autoresponders have a greater advantage then fax-on-demand systems.


Because with autoreponders you can decide when and how many messages you want to send. You can set up a whole sequence of different messages going out on any day you choose. This gives you an excellent way to advertise your website.

You will keep your business in the minds of your prospects over and over.

Itís unbelievable!

Do you see the real beauty of this whole thing?

And the best part is that everything is completely automated. All that your prospect has to do is start the process and away it goes. What a great way to increase your sales by automating your follow-up system.

Here are a few important facts to consider and why sequential autoresponders can help counter these:

  • A resent study conducted by Sales and Marketing Executives International concluded that 81% of major sales are closed after the fifth contact.

  • 80% of people who inquire about a product or service will buy it within one year of their initial inquiry. However, more than 90% of the time, they donít buy from the same company that they made their initial contact with.
What is the importance of using autoresponders?

A single email is never enough to make the sale. In fact, it takes repetition in order to get people to first absorb all of the message, second understand it thoroughly, and then finally to purchase your product.

Now that you understand what autoresonders are and the importance of them, we can talk about how you can use them.

Just because you can get someone to opt-in to your autoresponder messages, that doesnít mean they will be there to the end. You see, if they donít like the email it is very easy for them to hit that delete button. What do you think would help you to ensure that they will read your whole series?

How can you make the selling process easier?

One of the great ways is to use their name in the subject line as well as throughout the text. We all love to hear/see our names whether spoken or in print. Think about it, when you receive an email, and the subject of that message has your name in it, 9 times out of 10 you will open that message.

What do you think sounds better?

Hello Internet Friend,

I just downloaded the most significant information of my business life. You can download a trial copy of this powerful website advertising book by visiting Make Your Site Sell!

Or, if your name is Joe...

Hello Joe,

I just wanted to tell you about the most significant download of my business life. Joe, you can download a free trial copy of this powerful website advertising book. I couldnít help it, I had to purchase it immediately! Click Here to download your free trial now.

Now, which one would you read? These are simple examples, but I know you can see the power of using names. The fact is, we love to hear our names!

----------Side Note:---------------
By the way, the link above is real. I read the free trial download, and really did immediately purchase this marvelous masterpiece. It is not one of those $50-$300 ebooks being offered all over the Net. The last time I checked, this $800+ book was selling for under $25.00 US! You will not find a better value on the Internet and your satisfaction is guaranteed!
----------Side Note:---------------

So, what is the best way to use an autoresonder?

Thatís a great question!

There are many great ways to use them. I prefer to use them in conjunction with ezine advertising. You might want to get your customers to request more information by submitting your own articles & using classified ads in ezines.

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