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Dan Moses, Owner

Phone: 1-888-242-7176
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21178 Ritz Ln.
Bend, Oregon 97702

Meet Dan Moses...

Dan is a 37-year old family man living in Bend, Oregon. He came online twelve years ago, and like most of you, he planned to set out on a journey of finding his riches on the Internet. Of course, he quickly realized it wasn't as easy as most gurus would have you believe.

Dan decided he had better start his Internet marketing education, and boy, after a while he couldn't get enough. Having read book after book on Internet marketing, his library now consists of well over 350 ebooks and articles.

In early summer of 2001, Dan figured it was time to put his new-found education to the test and started to market heavily online. He tried search engines, classified ads, banners, affiliate programs, and email marketing.

Realizing that he had no one to email, Dan set out to build his opt-in mailing list. But first he had to figure out what would be the best methods.

That's when Dan found traffic exchange programs like WebmasterQuest, and thought, this is it. He put together a web page and used the viral traffic systems to convert visitors to subscribers. It seemed to work great, and when a lot of other traffic programs popped up, he opened accounts with them as well.

It wasn't long before Dan realized there was a whole new Internet trend beginning to materialize. But, this time he wasn't going to be at the tail-end; Dan was going to be right up front.

One at a time, Dan began testing each traffic program to see which ones brought the best marketing results. Knowing he wasn't the only one interested, he created a click thru tutorial entitled:

"Learn how To Drive Over 5000 Free Visitors A Month To Your Website Only Working 1 Hour A Day!" - By Using The - "No-Hype Click Thru Marketing System"

It was right about that time that Dan met one of the most helpful individuals on the Internet: Maggie Lietz, from eBookhelper.

He once said, "There are no words I could say or write that would even come close to repaying her for the overwhelming help and support she has provided me in my Internet marketing endeavors."

A few months into working with Maggie, Dan pointed out the number of new click thru clubs that were showing up all over the Net. That's when she hit him with, "Why don't you start your own club?"

Well, the rest is history. Not only was FreeClickThruClub launched on February 7, 2002, the ClickThruMarketing website got a well needed awakening right along with it.

And of course, the next step was ClickMaster Pro, one of the first paid click thru programs online which was launched on September 7, 2002.

But it didn't stop there for Dan; he went on to buy a struggling page rotator program called Soon after, Dan and a group of Joint Venture partners re-launched PageSwirl to the world with amazing success. So much so that Dan was able to quit his full time day job (selling cell phones) and work from home with his family by his side. It was his dream come true and an enormous accomplishment.

Working from home has given Dan the extra time to improve his programs and write his first ebook... - "The A-Z Guide To Generating Highly Targeted Traffic"!

When Dan brings you "Traffic Mastery", he brings you the collective knowledge and expertise of years of experience in generating traffic. He also has generated over 9,100,000 (Nine Millon) quality page views to his websites in his first four years.

Dan personally applies the tips and techniques from "Traffic Mastery" to his business every day. This has allowed him to achieve great success online. This success can be easily duplicated by you if you take action on all the wisdom he's willing to teach you.

Take a look at what Dan's done for a program he bought on March 27th, 2004... PRO Click Exchange

When Dan bought PRO Click Exchange it only had 239 members... Dan then took it to well over 2,000 members before selling it to Ray White in 2009. Dan couldn't stop there. He also helped his friend at the time Mike build and launch on September 7th, 2004. Which was a huge success!

Dan was quickly realizing his talent with (creating and launching) paid traffic exchanges and decided to create and launch another one with a close marketing and business friend Jon Olson of was launched on November 22nd, 2004 and was the fastest growing Paid exchange online. It had over 200 members and delivered over 40,000 page views in the first week!

Then Dan moved on to see if he could out do himself with the results of ProTrafficShop and created yet another paid traffic exchange for a good friend and business associate Michael Kelly.

Now this program launch on July 22nd, 2005 and was different than the others, in that a brand new revolutionary marketing plan was introduced... and with the use of it had over 500 members join in the first 4 days and delivered well over 40,000 page views within the first few days (far surpassing the previous results with ProTrafficShop and making traffic exchange history). Unfortunately MAV didn't make it and closed it's doors in 2008.

Then on September 6th, 2005 Dan closed a deal on purchasing from Robert O'Dell. PowaSurf is also a paid traffic exchange and with an existing membership base of close to 650 members...(which dan has brought to over 1,600 now) this program is a wonderful exchange He just acquired. It will be very interesting to see what changes and improvments Dan will bring to the table.

At the beginning of 2006 Dan took his No-Hype Click Thru Marketing Tutorial and (after updating it) turned it into a Viral Marketing Tool that anyone can download (in PDF format) and re-brand it with their links so they can give it away to their subscribers and build their downlines and residual income.

If you haven't downloaded or read this one... it's a great place to start...

Then skipping forward another 6 years (Sept 2012) Dan fully updated it even more and re-launched it in website form with rebranding rights and downloadable PDF.

Click Here to get access to the Free Viral Report!

Then Dan attended an offline conference in May of 2006 called the No Limits Seminar put on by The Focus 4 The Future team. It was a non-stop 3 days of brain dumping information geared to change your online business forever... and that's exactly what it did for Dan!

But it's what he did right after the conference that is going to help you get farther ahead in your online business. You see, Dan had plans to share his notes from the seminar with you and his close business associates, but then the second night into the conference the thought came to him. Why doesn't Mark Brown (one of his close friends and business partners) and Dan record some commentary about each speaker they heard and took notes on?

And that's what they did... they created a Free Viral Report you can download and use RIGHT NOW!

Not only that... but Dan will also show you some pictures from the conference and you will see one of the leading Million Dollar Masters in a, Crazy, Compromising Photo!

Go check it out for yourself... No Limits Seminar May 06!

Seeing the networking power of attending conferences, Dan made his way to another No Limits Seminar in Seattle Washington at the beginning of July where he met up with one of his new star graphic designers and now the new partner of Brett Phillips is the co-owner of and now which was previously owned by Jon Olson.

Check out the notes Brett and Dan put together... No Limits Seminar July 06

Now here's where Dan hit it big in 2006. Dan built and launched yet another Pro Advertising Network on September 22nd and this time (with his new Launch partner Brett Phillips) Clickn' Generated Over $10,000 in Sales, Recruited Over 1200 Paying Members, and delivered over 273,000 page views in the first 7 Days! WOW! Now that's truly history!

And right when you thought Dan was done for the year... he did something no one expected. He built and launched one more traffic exchange. Now what no one expected is that this traffic exchange was a free traffic exchange and the owner was Dan himself with his awesome partner Brett Phillips. was launched on December 28th and Generated Over $5,000 in Sales, Received Over 1500 Members, and delivered over 200,000 page views in the first 7 Days! Now that's awesome for a free traffic exchange and sets the bar pretty high for anyone following in Dan's foot steps!

Now 2007 wasn't a slow year either he built and launched two new Traffic Exchanges with the first being (a new Paid TE owned by John Smiley that generated over $12k it's first month) and a free TE owned by Ray White. Both were amazing successes.

It was only a month and a half later when Dan went on to launch his most successful program yet! This program took two years to build and over $12,000 in programming fees. It's a State-of-Art Tracking program designed to track ALL your marketing you do online. This program also pays out the most commissions of ANY program of it's kind and continues to grow at a fantastic rate. The program is called and along with Dan's partner Mark Brown they've paid out over $13,000 in commissions in the first year. It also launched on Dan's B-Day August 22'nd.

There was quite a few owner changes in 2007 as well and Dan took on a new partner in and his son Max. :o)

Steve Ayling along with Dan bought out Clickn' and turned it into a Free TE and Dan and Mark Brown bought and turned it into a Free TE. 2007 was quite the busy year for Dan and his new partners.

2008 was a great year. Dan put his creation skills to work once again and Launched three new Free TEs for his good friends. Dan Davis is the proud owner of, Rian LeBlanc owned and Sunny Suggs is the proud owner of All three of these TEs have broken surfing and membership records. With TD hitting an all time high of 80k page views delivered two days in a row.

GladiatorHits brought in 2000 members it's first month, Traffic Dynamite hit 3000 members in under 2 months and BootScootinTraffic Brought in 1900 members in it's first week. Together they generated over $23,000 in sales in 3 months times. Amazing and Dan's best year ever!

2009 Wasn't the best year for Dan, but it did end with a bang. At the end of 2008 Dan began one of the most painful experiences in his life when his wife of 9 years decided to divorce. The battles carried on through most of the year during that time Dan was shaken to the core and it definitely had an effect on his business.

He was able to create 2 new Traffic Exchanges in 2009 and Re-Launch as a Free TE. The first being Unfortunately the owner didn't follow through on his commitments to Dan and this TE has had little to no success. Since then a new owner has taken it over and it's been slowly climbing back up the ranks.

The second was a Huge Success... From a new owner Dan trained This launch generated over $3,000 in sales and 543,000 Hits delivered in the first week! Unfortunately This owner didn't follow through on his Commitments or contract to Dan either and this TE has been banned. Dan will no longer do Business with this untrustworthy owner.

Dan continued his focus with his online business by re-launching as a free Traffic Exchange in late December. This was a huge success and 1000 new members joined in the first few weeks. This TE is growing fast and with it's new graphics has become more welcome then ever before.

Skipping forward here Dan launched in August of 2014 and now has become his flag ship program on all the history of launches from the beginning to the last launch added in July 2015. You can join for free and follow Dan with every launch he does with full screen shots and details on how he launches them from the first 24 hours uptil the first 30 days!

Don't be a stranger. If you need assistance, advice, or just feel like chatting, Dan would love to hear from you.


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