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10 Steps To Becoming A Pro Clickmaster
Copyright 2002 - by Dan Moses & Paula Zuehlke

In order to become a pro clickmaster, you need to
think and act like a pro clickmaster.

The quickest way to reach that status is by putting into
practice the methods already proven effective rather than
trying to learn them yourself through trial and error.

1) The first thing you need to do is define your goals. If
necessary, write them down. This will help make it clear
to you the importance of sticking with (as well as
following through with) your plan of action.

It might go something like this:

I am pursuing the goal of becoming a pro clickmaster
because I know, by investing the time clicking for page views
now, I will end up building a huge network of individuals that
will generate non-stop traffic to the website(s) of my choice
in the future.

2) Plan to work hard. Sure, in an hour or two a day, you
can eventually reach your goal and put together a solid
traffic generating system. But think how much faster you
could realize the goal of pro clickmaster simply by doubling
your efforts. The harder you work, the more reward you will
see in a shorter amount of time.

3) Taking action is non-negotiable. Don't make the mistake
of thinking that you need to know everything before you even
begin. The best way to learn anything is by doing it, not
reading about it. Be sure you learn the basics, know the
system, and use the tools made available to you. Achieving
success is based on whether or not you take action!

4) It's important that you stay focused. You need to make a
commitment to working your click thru marketing system. Don't
allow yourself to be sidetracked or to rush the process. It
will take some time of concentrated effort, but once that ball
starts rolling....WATCH OUT!

5) Persistence is the key to your success. And be consistent
in your activity. Set aside a certain amount of time for your
click thrus, for reading, and for correspondence.

6) Treat yourself and your efforts with respect. Don't trivialize
what you are accomplishing. Some days may just not seem worth
it and you won't be able to see any benefits of your 'clicking'.

This is the time that it will be important to have your goals well
defined. Remind yourself that you are working towards creating a
solid base of residual traffic and in so doing your success is
practically guaranteed.

7) You absolutely must remain motivated. Read any associated
training material provided for you. Talk to others who are
doing the same thing. If your program offers a forum, by all
means become an active participant. There you can share with
others your frustrations as well as your successes. Everyone
benefits from this type of interaction.

8) Track your results and find what is working best for you.
Try new things and learn from them. Keep the good and share
it, throw away the bad. Listen to those who are trying to
help you... successful people are successful for a reason.

9) Don't dwell on any failures. There will be times when
you see little (if any) progress from your 'abundance' of
clicking. Realize that it is normal and experienced by
everyone. Again, maintain focus on your primary goal and
click twice as much the next day! The law of averages will
win out in the end.

10) As you begin to see your efforts pay off (and you will)
remember that you did not achieve success completely on your
own. Be grateful to those who have helped you, offering to
assist them if possible. Help those who have been recruited
by your efforts to reach their goals.

                                 * * * * * * * * * *

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