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Smart Explorer

I would like to introduce you to an extremely valuable tool. It is called Smart Explorer, an excellent browser designed especially for click thru needs.

After thoroughly testing it over the past week, I can honestly say this is the best Internet browser on the market today. And because Smart Explorer is very fast, it works perfect to achieve great click thru results.

This Internet browser is fast, smart, and secure. It kills pop-up ads, filters multimedia downloads, has multiple web browsing windows, and integrates the top search engines (allows for multiple site searches at once).

Plus, Smart Explorer is a shareware product.

What is shareware?

Shareware is simply a distribution method that allows users to try the software before they buy it.

So what happens at the end of the free trial? It will stop bringing up web pages after 30 days of use.

Note: Days that you don't use the program don't count towards the trial period.

Because we felt this would be a true value for the FCTC members, we contacted the owner of Smart Explorer and were able to set up a coupon that gives buyers $5 off the purchase price. That means you only pay $14.95.

The coupon code you'll need is: FreeClickThruClub

Below is a screen shot of the order form where you enter the coupon code (the circled area) when ordering.

I encourage you to head over to and check it out for yourself. And make sure you read the reviews posted there because they speak for themselves with regard to how good Smart Explorer really is.

Once you have the trial version downloaded and installed, you're ready for some basic training.

What you need to set up first are your "Smart Groups". These are a lot like a "favorites" folder, but instead of opening just one page, you can group several URL's. Then, with just one click you can open multiple pages (windows) at once which is a very cool feature.

Note: Your connection to the Internet will be a key factor with regard to the number of sites you want in each Smart Group. If you are on a dial-up, I would recommend no more than 4 per group, but If you are on a cable or DSL then you could easily have up to 8 per group.

For example, if you wanted to work NoMoreHits, ClickSilo, and StartPageAds at the same time, you open three windows, each displaying your assigned starter page for those particular click thru programs (which you could easily do from ClickThru Central in your FCTC members area).

Next you would find "Smart Groups" on the toolbar at the top.

After clicking on it choose "Add to Groups", this will open a dialog box that will ask you to name the group. You can call them whatever you want. The two best ways I know is to group them either by days of the week or by programs with similar timers.

Now all you need to do is choose which group you want and they will all open at the same time. Then, just hit F3 on your keyboard and go from site to site clicking on each of the required links.

Oh! One more thing I really like... it comes with a "Smart Cleaner", which is located under options on the toolbar at the top. This allows you to clean out all of your history and Internet files very quickly. I personally do this about every thirty minutes when doing my click thrus.

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